TubePress: WordPress Plugin to Import Youtube Videos

New option added to configure Post Status
Posted by Mario Mansour in TubePress

In version 3.2.1 of TubePress.NET plugin, a new option is added to the control panel to allow the configuration of Post Status. Until now, the posts/pages created when importing videos were immediately being published.
Post Status can be defined in version 3.2.1 to any of the following: publish, pending, draft, private

  • ‘publish’ – A published post or page
  • ‘pending’ – post is pending review
  • ‘draft’ – a post in draft status
  • ‘private’ – not visible to users who are not logged in

Default value: publish

Make sure you configure the Post Status and save the options in TubePress > Setup before importing new videos

Custom Post Type Hack
Posted by Mario Mansour in TubePress Hacks

I want to share this tips / hack that you can do in TubePress.NET to allow the plugin to create videos as ‘custom type’ posts.

1- Go to the plugin editor in your admin dashboard and select TubePress.Net plugin
2- Edit file tubepressnet/tubepress.php
3- Search for post_type
4- Replace the following code

‘post_type’ => $tpo[‘type’],

with this

‘post_type’ => ‘your_custom_post_type‘,

where your_custom_post_type is the name of the name of the custom type. Don’t forget the quotations ‘ ‘

5 – Save the file

Note that this hack will override the TubePress Settings :: Put each video in (post / page)

Bug Fix in JSON parsing
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TubePress 3.1.5 takes advantage of the built-in json library in wordpress when available to support parsing of large amount of data. This bug has been limiting the number of imported videos to 10 at a time. I have been able to import 50 videos at a time without any problem, youtube default value according to their API is 25 max-results so basically it’s not recommended to import more than 25 videos at a time.

When TubePress meets WP JW Player
Posted by Mario Mansour in TubePress

I have recently release a customized flash video player for wordpress plugin based on the JW player. Yesterday, I updated the TubePress plugin to make use of the WP JW Player functionality within TubePress plugin.
In earlier versions of TubePress, the customization of the player was limited to the youtube player. With the integration of the WP JW Player, TubePress will perform the import of videos from youtube and creation of post/pages in wordpress, while WP JW Player plugin takes care of the display of the video.
Note that the template tags are still valid to customize the post/page layout which means how your post or page will look like inside your blog also which information to be saved (title, description, tags, rating,…) but the video player can be replaced by JW Player.
This option can be defined in the TubePress Setup whether to use the legacy youtube player or the JW Player.
Give it a try and write your comments and feedback here

Youtube Legacy API out of service
Posted by Mario Mansour in TubePress

November 11, 2009 the Youtube legacy API was official deprecated. It is highly recommended to upgrade your TubePress.NET plugin if you are using an old version otherwise you will not be able to import any videos from youtube after November 11.

You can download TubePress.NET plugin here

2 Website Makeover
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Finally my website got a complete makeover. It has a nice fresh design where I will be writing interesting articles on telecom, technology and design.
For those who are interested to know about my ongoing and past projects, there’s a section covering the projects here

UPDATE 10/10/2009: Website permanently moved to

WP Games Plugin
Posted by Mario Mansour in TubePress

It been a while since I updated this site. Reasons? too many. But now that I have found some time, I thought I would write something.
A new wordpress plugin has been added to the TubePress.NET family: WP Mini Games

WP Mini Games is a wordpress plugin that allows you to integrate flash games into your wordpress posts or pages. The plugin is also widget ready so if you’re wordpress theme allows widget in the sidebar, you can add a mini game to the sidebar. Statistics have shown that games are one of the most causes of online addiction. So if you want your users to stay on your website, just put WP Mini Games

IPRED Law falling…soon
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In the beginning of this month I covered the IPRED law that was applied in Sweden to hunt illegal Peer 2 Peer file sharing. I also said that I will give it 2 weeks before it starts to fall apart. It seems that I was right !

Exactly 2 weeks later, internet service provider (ISP) Banhof declares that they will destroy their customers internet traffic information. The law is based upon getting traffic information about file sharing from ISPs. Now if the IPSs decides not to store information about their customers, the court won’t get any proof about illegal file sharing.

The law doesn’t state that ISPs should store information but rather leaves it open to each ISP to decide whether to store such information or not.

I would say Banhof has made a good marketing strategy which will push a lot of internet users to switch provider. In return, it could be a signal to other ISPs to follow the same strategy to protect their customers and by that killing IPRED law.

Copyright owners will certainly not stand still, they will basically induce a new law forcing ISPs to store information about internet traffic. Until then, Banhof customers are surfing safely.

IPRED Law kills internet traffic in Sweden
Posted by Mario Mansour in TubePress

IPRED stands for International Property Rights Enforcement Directive and it is the new directive from the EU to stop illegal file sharing over the internet.

In short the law forces ISPs to reveal the names of people attached to IP addresses suspected of sharing copyrighted music, movies, other files illegally on the internet.

The law took effect in Sweden on April 1st which means all internet activities starting from that date are being recorded and serious consequences will be taken against illegal file sharing.

Below a graph from NetNod shows the internet traffic fall dramatically after IPRED took place which implies according to analyzers that most swedish internet traffic comes from P2P download and file sharing.

Many protests have been raised against IPRED and many believe that the law will not manage to stop piracy.  There are already ways to surf anonymously and to hide one’s identity on the internet. The Pirate Bay already offers this solution for 5 euros/month.

I give it 2 weeks so let’s just wait and see what will happen. I will try to keep you updated about the situation as soon as I have more information. Keep in touch.

How To Download & Watch Free Movies & Video Online
Posted by Mario Mansour in TubePress

I got an email from Helen Anderson at asking me to mention her article about “How to Download & Watch Free Movies & Video Online”. After I read the article I started to wonder about the real purpose of that article. If it was intended to give the readers a list of source to download videos or watch online movies than in my opinion it is a very poor list. First of all, Youtube, Veoh and Vimeo don’t fit in this context as these services are intended to allow users to deliver their own video content and they are very strict about that especially Youtube. I already covered copyright infringement cases with Youtube. That is the main reason behind the short time limit.
The article lists few online streaming movies providers, covers the most popular P2P clients and bittorrent clients but not the torrent search engines like thepiratebay and Mininova.
The information though about each service is very basic (paid or ads support, high or fairly good quality, availability of movies)
In conclusion, I would like to draw a line between a blog post and an article. An article should be as objective as possible, be based on a research and covers all aspects of the subject in question.