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Bug Fix in JSON parsing
Posted by Mario Mansour in TubePress

TubePress 3.1.5 takes advantage of the built-in json library in wordpress when available to support parsing of large amount of data. This bug has been limiting the number of imported videos to 10 at a time. I have been able to import 50 videos at a time without any problem, youtube default value according to their API is 25 max-results so basically it’s not recommended to import more than 25 videos at a time.

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  1. majrlee Says:


    With the jw player will it be able to use the html5 player? Also if I have a custom player can I integrate that was well to be utilized by the tubpress system? HTML5 player.

  2. grant.cornwell7 Says:


    I have noticed that there are now playlists on youtube. Is there going to be an update that enables users to import videos that are contained in a playlist?


  3. koulunet Says:

    Is it possible to make tubepress plugins works with Metube theme?

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