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Custom Post Type Hack
Posted by Mario Mansour in TubePress Hacks

I want to share this tips / hack that you can do in TubePress.NET to allow the plugin to create videos as ‘custom type’ posts.

1- Go to the plugin editor in your admin dashboard and select TubePress.Net plugin
2- Edit file tubepressnet/tubepress.php
3- Search for post_type
4- Replace the following code

‘post_type’ => $tpo['type'],

with this

‘post_type’ => ‘your_custom_post_type‘,

where your_custom_post_type is the name of the name of the custom type. Don’t forget the quotations ‘ ‘

5 – Save the file

Note that this hack will override the TubePress Settings :: Put each video in (post / page)

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  1. Y8 pad Says:

    Nice hack!

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