How to solve wordbrain monkey 4

Here is how to solve wordbrain monkey 4 step by step
Launch – L starts at 1st row 1st column and H ends at 6th row 1st column
Stereo – S starts at 4th row 6th column and last E at 2nd row 6th column finally O ends at 2nd row 5th column
Whisper – W starts at 6th row 6th column and R ends at 4th row 4th column
Stilts – S starts at 6th row 5th column and S ends at 3rd row 4th column
Square – S starts at 6th row 2nd column and U at 5th row 4th column finally E ends at 3rd row 2nd column
Mouse – M starts at 6th row 4th column and E ends at 5th row 3rd column

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