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IPRED Law falling…soon
Posted by Mario Mansour in TubePress

In the beginning of this month I covered the IPRED law that was applied in Sweden to hunt illegal Peer 2 Peer file sharing. I also said that I will give it 2 weeks before it starts to fall apart. It seems that I was right !

Exactly 2 weeks later, internet service provider (ISP) Banhof declares that they will destroy their customers internet traffic information. The law is based upon getting traffic information about file sharing from ISPs. Now if the IPSs decides not to store information about their customers, the court won’t get any proof about illegal file sharing.

The law doesn’t state that ISPs should store information but rather leaves it open to each ISP to decide whether to store such information or not.

I would say Banhof has made a good marketing strategy which will push a lot of internet users to switch provider. In return, it could be a signal to other ISPs to follow the same strategy to protect their customers and by that killing IPRED law.

Copyright owners will certainly not stand still, they will basically induce a new law forcing ISPs to store information about internet traffic. Until then, Banhof customers are surfing safely.

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  3. Fullerton Ad Agency Says:

    To be honest I think the Swedish government should have anticipated this move by Banhoff and other companies. In a capitalist system, anyone would protect privacy if it means higher profits. If you want this solution to work you’ve got to go all the way and require companies to store their client’s information… as well as share it with the government.

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  12. stewart Says:

    Didnt the people at pirate bay put up a MP for the european elections they won a seat I think this is the way to go we should be voting our way to legal file sharing not anything militant

  13. original Says:

    The British goverment has expanded the laws regarding information being kept about users activities. It was originally expanded for terror laws but has been abused by councils. How long will it take before this information is used against peer 2 peer usersif it hasnt allready happened.

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