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New option added to configure Post Status
Posted by Mario Mansour in TubePress

In version 3.2.1 of TubePress.NET plugin, a new option is added to the control panel to allow the configuration of Post Status. Until now, the posts/pages created when importing videos were immediately being published.
Post Status can be defined in version 3.2.1 to any of the following: publish, pending, draft, private

  • ‘publish’ – A published post or page
  • ‘pending’ – post is pending review
  • ‘draft’ – a post in draft status
  • ‘private’ – not visible to users who are not logged in

Default value: publish

Make sure you configure the Post Status and save the options in TubePress > Setup before importing new videos

7 Responses to “New option added to configure Post Status”

  1. dougm1966 Says:

    This update broke my site. On all browsers.

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    WP JW Player Plugin Powered by TubePress.NET..

  2. koskijp Says:

    Is it possible to allow blog users to add videos by using tubepress?
    and what role user must have?
    it will be nice that others users can post videos.
    but now it works only for admin.


  3. Amiro Amir Says:

    لماذا لا تقم بتحسين الإضافة بحيث تبحث تظهر النتيجة ثم تقوم بإختيار الفيديو الذي تريد

    مثل ميلودي

    Why do not add so looking to improve the result appears and then choose the video you want

    Such as Melody

  4. cesargomez999 Says:

    Great..! thanks for the info…

    by juegos de moto

  5. asulon Says:

    first of all i want to mention that your plguin is really great. i tested other similar plugins but yours is by far the easiest to use and it has the most options to configure.

    this new option is very useful and i use it all the time to add posts in draft status. this way i can do a fast check before i puplish em.

    is it possible to add an option to add (or to sort out) videos by length (short and long like on youtube)? so that i can add gaming videos, but only those which are longer than 20min for example.

    regards and thanks

  6. 'Halil Koca Says:

    i want to show the duration with minutes.
    how can i fix this? i don’t want to see seconds. can you help me?

  7. Neo Do Says:

    Hi there
    First thank you for great plugin.
    But I found some problem while using it.I try to import by using my videos function but it ‘s not working.No video found.
    Only import by ID is worked for me.
    Did I do something wrong?

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