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When TubePress meets WP JW Player
Posted by Mario Mansour in TubePress

I have recently release a customized flash video player for wordpress plugin based on the JW player. Yesterday, I updated the TubePress plugin to make use of the WP JW Player functionality within TubePress plugin.
In earlier versions of TubePress, the customization of the player was limited to the youtube player. With the integration of the WP JW Player, TubePress will perform the import of videos from youtube and creation of post/pages in wordpress, while WP JW Player plugin takes care of the display of the video.
Note that the template tags are still valid to customize the post/page layout which means how your post or page will look like inside your blog also which information to be saved (title, description, tags, rating,…) but the video player can be replaced by JW Player.
This option can be defined in the TubePress Setup whether to use the legacy youtube player or the JW Player.
Give it a try and write your comments and feedback here

21 Responses to “When TubePress meets WP JW Player”

  1. Randy, Tish & Jacob Says:

    Hello. I am not able to uncheck the option for JW Player from my Tubepress.Net setup in my wordpress admin panel. I tried to use Jw Player but it didn’t work.


    It asks to get recent Jw player but the link points to adobe flas player which i already have.

  2. shiva Says:

    how to remove the imported videos

  3. Rhoda Lee Says:

    Thank you for all your hard work, it’s greatly appreciated. But I consistantly receive the following error message:
    Plugin could not be activated because it triggered a fatal error.

    Rhoda Ozen

  4. Kevin Says:

    I can’t get the player to display more than 1 video per page. If I tried to add more code I either get a totally missing video or a video that won’t play.
    Is their any reason for this and should you be able to play more than 1 video per page?

  5. Mario Mansour Says:

    @Randy: you need to download WP JW Player wordpress plugin in order to use it in combination with TubePress.NET plugin.

    @Shiva: Once the videos are imported, they will be created as normal posts.. So you can click on Posts -> Edit and you can manage (edit, delete, set as private…) the imported videos there.

    @Rhoda, @Kevin: please upgrade to the latest version of the plugin, these bugs have been fixed.

    Thanks guys for your support

  6. Justine Pascal Says:

    thank you for the great plug-in, very useful !
    but i’ve got a problem. for two days now, it doesn’t work anymore. i have the latest version installed and i take the correct video ID but it always says “no videos were found” … i’m totally lost and really need the plug-in. do you know how i can fix it ?

  7. gomadurai Says:

    First thank you very much to your plugin…. its not only a plugin but great content generator… Thank you very much again….

  8. B de la Betzyshor Says:

    well, where can i get the latest version, i`ve tried with the one u provide here and i`ve tried the one on and i get the same error

    Warning: main(JSON.php) [function.main]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/gabrielg/public_html/wp-content/plugins/tubepressnet/tubepress.php on line 64

  9. Steve Quinn Says:

    How do I change its appearance so it blends with my site better and also remove the watermark from the likes of YouTube videos?

  10. Naveed A Says:

    Thank you for this plugin.
    Is it possible that the wp_tags (youtube tags) could get assigned as the wordpress tags?

  11. Nhan Do Says:

    Hi where could I download the old version of WPJW player 4.x.I need it for my own skin.I cant use it with JW flash 5. >

  12. kadirou82 Says:

    Thank you
    please how to change skin of the jw player plugin ?????

  13. ghostsofgeorgia Says:

    I can’t get the player to display more than one video per page. If I tried to add more video I either get a link to where I got the flashplayer or a totally missing video.

    I am using v1.4 JW player, is that the latest version? I am also using wordpress v2.9.2. What can I do to be able to add more that one video to a page, any help is appreciated, thanks!

  14. regmile Says:

    if you want to download video from youtube, try this downloader for free:

  15. Igor Kuznetsov Says:

    It will be more cool if you use not JW player, but this one I mean player, i don’t know it name, sory

  16. Talmadge Says:

    Hey Mario, Thanks for the plugin. I’m having trouble with it playing audio with an H.264 .mov file. As it in it won’t play audio at all. Is there a load lag time?



  17. David Holywood Fonsbo Says:


    I had it working fine a few hours ago, but after changing template and entering some text the player was black and wouldnt play. I messed a lot with it but I cant find out why it doesnt play anymore – even with the standardsetting for a youtube video it will not play, The rss feed displays fine and even though I started all over the player has disappeared completely now.

    I noticed that before there were a custom field in WP where it said something about the player, but this has gone and I dont know if it should be there or not. The rsstag doesnt seem to make any difference either.

    So I tried to install Wordtube & wp jw player on a new WP installation. Same result – no player. Only rss. By the way the rss links here does not work.

  18. silicon2011 Says:

    hi, i’m hoping that i could use this tubepress and jw payer plugins to upload youtube videos to my blog. but i’ve not been able yet to do that. it shows some problem like>>Fatal error: Call to undefined method WP_Error::get_items() in /srv/…………..wp-jw-player/models/jw-player.php on line 149<<<<
    while i use jw player.. and don get any idea to use tubepress. decscribe in detail how to use video player.
    thank u.

  19. majrlee Says:


    With the jw player will it be able to use the html5 player? Also if I have a custom player can I integrate that was well to be utilized by the tubpress system? HTML5 player.

  20. dierkurakura Says:

    I use tubepress, when i used wp jw player as my blog player, there was error like this:
    Fatal error: Call to undefined method WP_Error::get_items() in /home/hiburanl/public_html/wp-content/plugins/wp-jw-player/models/jw-player.php on line 150

    what is the problem sir? can u help me?

  21. John Cein Says:

    jw player is great solution for website videos

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