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Youtube Legacy API out of service
Posted by Mario Mansour in TubePress

November 11, 2009 the Youtube legacy API was official deprecated. It is highly recommended to upgrade your TubePress.NET plugin if you are using an old version otherwise you will not be able to import any videos from youtube after November 11.

You can download TubePress.NET plugin here

10 Responses to “Youtube Legacy API out of service”

  1. ircstorm Says:

    hello, tubepress does not import tags anymore?

  2. Mario Mansour Says:

    please upgrade to the latest version.

  3. pit.sidonia Says:

    Mario i upgraded to the latest version, but what i mean is that untill 11 November, tubpress pluggin was importing tags from youtube as wordpress tags, but now he does not. he import the youtube tags but he don’t post them as wordpress tags. is there any fix for that ?

  4. pit.sidonia Says:

    i also get this message very often “No Videos Found” and there are videos.

  5. Says:

    it simply doesn’t work.

    Import by tsag doesn’t work I always get “no new videos”.

    I used it successfully until few days ago.

  6. Justine Pascal Says:

    thank you for the great plug-in, very useful !
    but i’ve got a problem. for two days now, it doesn’t work anymore. i have the latest version installed and i take the correct video ID but it always says “no videos were found” … i’m totally lost and really need the plug-in. do you know how i can fix it ?

  7. fulankhan19 Says:

    It looks like the JSON parsing is not working. the json decode
    is not returning back a proper array.

    function getGdataRsp($functionName, $payload) {
    global $json,$client;
    $this->url = $this->buildQuery($functionName, $payload);
    //$this->url looks correct and works with Youtube
    //$client->results; looks correct
    $response = $json->decode($client->results);
    //$response – this gives back the word “array”
    return $response;

  8. fulankhan19 Says:

    The way I fixed this is I changed the line
    // $response = $json->decode($client->results);
    $response = json_decode($client->results, true);

  9. Mario Mansour Says:

    Hi Fulankhan19

    Thanks for sharing your discovery. TubePress 3.1.5 includes an update of the json library to support parsing of large amount of data. Which means that it is now possible to import more than 10 results at a time.

  10. cesargomez999 Says:

    thanks for the info…

    cesar – poemas

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